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Orders & Delivery

How do I track my order?

HOW DO I TRACK MY WORKMAN ORDER?. You'll receive an email once your order has shipped titled "Your Order is on the way", containing your tracking link. Alternatively, you can log into your WORKMAN Account or our tracking portal and track your order!.

Shipping Policy

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I want to change my order

CAN I MAKE A CHANGE TO MY ORDER?Yes, we’re able to make changes to your order after it has been placed. This includes:. Changing the item or size. Delivery/billing address. Adding/removing items to your order. Shipping method. However, we are unable

My order is wrong

WHY DOES MY ORDER ONLY CONTAIN SOME OF MY ITEMS?. In the first instance, please check your shipping confirmation email titled "Your order is on the way" to see if your order is being shipped in separate parcels. We'll always try to get your order to

Customs & Import Fees

DO I NEED TO PAY CUSTOMS FEES AT WORKMAN?. You don't need to pay customs fees when shopping on our online USA and Canadian stores. For all other stores, you may face customs charges issued by your local customs authority. Please see below for further